Company wellness is a great way to enrich your company culture and show your team members you genuinely care for their overall well-being. Through our custom corporate wellness programs, you can customize what will suit your company best based upon your needs.

Team Building Workout

Bring your team in for a fun, high energy boxing infused workout. Our goal is to increase company comradery all while breaking a sweat. This is a fantastic way to change things up and have your team working together.

Lunch and Spar

Spar Houston will give your team a full display of health and fitness on-site at no cost to you. We will demonstrate our services and the importance of being healthy.

Price Assistance Membership

Establishing a company price assistance membership can really help your team see that you are investing in their health. Cover a portion of your teams membership to help boost their engagement in health.

Corporate Class Package

Investing in a Spar Houston corporate class package for your team is the ultimate gift. Divide them throughout the entire company and watch your teams health engagement increase.

Corporate Executives Package

Show your team their worth by purchasing a corporate executive package. This provides your team with a designated number of classes they can attend monthly, discounted additional classes, plus quarterly breakdown of visits, improvements and more.